Drum meditation is a ceremony lead by an instructor with a witch drum, and the participants sit or lie down and relax. The drumming will usually last about half an hour.

The main purpose of meditation is relaxation and deceleration helped by the rhythm of the drum. For others it’s a chance to detach themselves from the pressures of everyday life, while others find deeper dimensions.

To participate in drum meditations you do not need any previous experience, just an interest in your own well-being.

A drum circle is a ceremony based on shamanic principles, where the leader along with some or all of the participants play drums. The participant can also just sit back and relax and concentrate on the drums voice.

The event usually starts with everyone introducing themselves and explaining a bit about their back-round; how they got here. After that everyone settles down, and the leader begins the actual drumming circle by opening the cardinal directions and summoning the helper spirits. The leader takes their place and starts drumming, first softly and building up volume. After the drumming the participants are given time to return to reality and if they want, have a discussion about everything that happened.

The event’s formal portion stops with the thanking of the spirits and closing the cardinal directions.

  • 5-15 groups talking about Finno-Ugric shamanism and events based on it, where we will talk about spiritual matters and meditate with the help of a witch drum.
  • The typical participant is interested in shamanistic traditions and already has some basic information about the philosophies.
  • Also available in your own locality if there are at least 5 participants and an appropriate venue.