The farm is located in Koskenpää which is currently part of Jämsä. The owners are the fourth generation of farmers whom have taken up caring for the farm. The owners have restored their connection to the Finnish nature and have jumped off from business world directed by economical laws.

We are beginning to farm herbs and medicinal plants as well as incorporate other activities into our schedule which will be added to the site irregularly when needed.

Hurry and stress bother many people. To treat it, we are using the tools that our ancestors have used for thousands of years and which we have deemed useful and functional. When a Finn has been in need of shelter or peace they have directed their steps towards nature, into the arms of the forest. We are in the process of building earthen lodges that you can rent either independently or as part of the retreats that will be held on the farm. You can also take part in the farm work and gain a genuine feel of what it’s like to work the earth, take care of the farms’ animals, fish, treat wool and gather eggs, when the chickens lay them. The nature of Finland is miraculous and healing.



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